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My child was diagnosed with CMA – what to do next?

Infants and children require a certain daily amount of protein to grow and develop normally. That is why your child will need another source of proteins to replace the proteins in cow’s milk that is no longer an option.

If you are (still) breastfeeding …

Breast milk is the best nutrition for infants as breastfeeding protects your child against the development of certain diseases. Rarely some infants will react to the dietary proteins present in breast milk due their mothers' diet including dairy products. After the diagnosis of CMA in your child, you will have to eliminate cow’s milk, dairy products, and all products containing cow’s milk from your diet. The guide “Where is cow’s milk” will help you chose the right foods. This is very important since cow’s milk proteins are passed on through the breast milk into your infant’s blood. Please talk to a dietitian when trying an elimination diet in order to be sure you are getting all the vital nutrients you and your baby need to stay healthy.

If your baby is bottle-fed …

If you are feeding your baby a formula already, there are many options for formula substitutes available, ranging from formulas containing cow’s milk proteins which have been broken down to formulas that contain no cow's milk protein at all, so-called amino acid-based formulas (AAF).When feeding AAF, you therefore completely avoid the cow’s milk protein that makes the immune system react so unpleasantly
Please consult your doctor regarding available products and suitability for your child.