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What is Neocate?

Neocate stands for a range of world leading amino-acid based infant formulas. These formulas are suitable for the dietary management of CMA, multiple food protein intolerance and other conditions that require an elemental formula.

The Neocate hypoallergenic infant formula product range has been designed for infants and children with cow’s milk allergy, multiple food protein intolerance, and a range of food allergy induced disorders. The formulas are based on 100% free amino acids and do not contain any cow's milk protein to reduce the possibility of a food allergic reaction. In addition, the products are manufactured in a cow’s milk-free environment and packaged in a protective atmosphere to provide the highest quality products available. Neocate is designed to meet the nutritional requirements needed for growth and development in infants and children.

Neocate is:

  • Hypoallergenic and easy to digest
  • Fast and effective dietary management of food allergic symptoms
  • Complete nutrition for your child when feeding the recommended amount
  • Manufactured in a milk protein-free environment