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Neocate history

Neocate is a Nutricia brand, Nutricia being a specialised medical nutrition company that is part of the Medical Nutrition Division of Groupe Danone, Paris .For more than 25 years we have been providing relief for various symptoms.

Neocate was originally formulated in 1983, and has a long history of use in many countries worldwide including the USA and Europe. The hypoallergenicity of Neocate was established in 1992, according to the guidelines set out by the Subcommittee on Nutrition and Allergic Disease of the American Academy of Paediatrics.

Acknowledged as a market leader in infant and medical nutrition, Nutricia`s products range from infant formulas to specialised nutrition for babies with specific needs. For people with specific nutritional requirements, Nutricia offers a complete range of enteral and disease-specific nutritional products. Danone today controls interests in over 100 countries across the globe, delivering top quality baby food and medical nutrition products including world renowned brands such as Cow& Gate, Milupa, Nutrilon, Infatrini, Nutrini and Neocate for babies and children, as well as Nutrison and Fortimel for adults.

Nutricia has a world famous research facility supported by over 150 PhDs dedicated to developing innovative solutions that allow its Baby Food and Medical Nutrition divisions to deliver products for a better, healthier life. Nutricia Research co-operates with more than 50 university research centres across the globe. The results are seen in the quality and effectiveness of the products, and Nutricia’s reputation as an innovator in research and development continues to grow, thereby meeting the demands of today’s medical community and consumers.

Nutricia was the first to offer amino acid-based, hypoallergenic formulas (the Neocate product range) for the dietary management of cow’s milk allergy. The company has played a prominent role in educating the medical community through clinical trials and symposia on cow’s milk allergy and its associated enteropathies. Nutricia has over time diversified its product range by offering products specifically designed for intractable epilepsy  - available under the brand name KetoCal - and innovative options for patients with phenylketonuria.

GroupeDanone enjoys leading positions on healthy food on four businesses: Listed on Euronext Paris, GroupeDanone is also ranked among the main index of social responsibility: Dow Jones Sustainability Index Stoxx and World, ASPI Eurozone and Ethibel Sustainability index.