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Weaning your child with Neocate

Feeding a cow’s milk allergic baby can be stressful at times. Below you will find some hints that can help make mealtimes a little more fun for both you and your child.

Neocate is not intended to replace breast milk. However, if you are unable to breastfeed your baby at this stage, Neocate, like other infant formulas, contains all the essential nutrients needed for your baby to stay healthy and to grow when taking the amount recommended by your child’s doctor or dietitian.

Transition to new formula gradually:
Research shows that children may need as many as 20 exposures to a new food before they will try it. If your child is refusing the amino acid-based formula when you switch, get suggestions from your doctor or dietitian on how to get your child accustomed to the taste of the new formula. You may start by mixing Neocate into your child’s accepted food and you can then increase the concentration gradually, until your child learns to accept a bottle of 100 % Neocate.

Plan predictable and routine mealtimes:
When your child is transitioning to a formula-only diet, he or she might just sip at it throughout the day, drinking a small amount of formula here and there. Maintaining a predictable mealtime schedule, seated in a highchair or at the table can help heighten his or her appetite, leading to an increased intake of formula. Predictability can also help decrease anxiety about eating, getting your child used to routines and to the joys of pleasant habits such as mealtimes.

Try “repackaging” the formula:
If your child doesn’t like to drink the formula from an open cup, try introducing it in a sippy cup or a straw cup with a lid.

Any changes made to your baby’s diet should be discussed with your doctor or dietitian first.