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Using Neocate for the first time

The free amino acids give Neocate its characteristic smell, appearance and taste. It is possible for your child to take some time adjusting to Neocate when first using the formula and this is nothing to worry about.

Neocate products taste and appear different to other infant formulas. You also might notice a unique smell when first opening the Neocate tin or sachet. These characteristics are typical for an amino acid-based formula. Also, don’t be tempted to add some extra Neocate when it appears less “milky” than other infant formulas. Difficulties in starting your child on Neocate may be due to your child having learnt to associate feeding with unpleasant symptoms rather than simply enjoying the taste.

What else to expect when first using Neocate:

  • If your baby is on an AAF, like Neocate, stools may be greenish in colour and are often relatively dark though not black (black can indicate blood in the stools so always contact the doctor if you see this). This is completely normal and is due to the special composition of Neocate and the way it is digested in the body.
  • Initially, your child may have more wind while taking Neocate. This is quite normal and should settle.
  • Because Neocate is so broken down, it is very easily digested and there is very little waste leftover. Therefore it’s normal for bowel movements to decrease in frequency once you switch to Neocate. As long as stools aren’t overly hard and dry and the baby doesn’t seem to have trouble passing them, this is perfectly normal.
  • Your child may show increased appetite and start taking larger amounts of Neocate once his or her symptoms have resolved. This is to be expected, especially if your child is underweight for its age. It’s your child’s way of catching up on its growth.

If in any doubt, contact your child’s doctor or dietitian for advice