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Neocate LCP

Neocate LCP was designed for infants aged 0-12 months, suffering from CMA, multiple food protein intolerances or other food allergy related conditions.


Neocate LCP is not intended to replace breast milk. However, if you are unable to breastfeed your baby at this stage, Neocate LCP is nutritionally complete. That means, when taken in the correct amounts, it will meet the nutrient requirements needed for your baby’s growth and development. 



  • Hypoallergenic - based on 100% non-allergenic amino acids
  • Suitable for infants from 0 to 12 months
  • Is suitable in conjunction with a weaning diet from 6 months onwards
  • Contains LCPs (Long chained polyunsaturated fatty acids)and nucleotides

For correct use, it is very important to follow carefully the directions for preparation and use.

Your child’s doctor might prescribe Neocate for:


For the dietary management of infants (0-12 months) with cow milk allergy, multiple food protein allergies and other indications where an amino acid based formula is recommended.


How to make a bottle of Neocate LCP:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and clean preparation area
  2. Sterilise bottles and teats
  3. Boil fresh water and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes so that it feels warm to the wrist
  4. Pour the required amount of water into a sterilised feeding bottle
  5. Fill the measuring spoon provided with Neocate LCP and level off with a clean, dry knife. Do not press the powder into the measuring spoon. Only use the measuring spoon that comes with the product.
  6. Add the prescribed number of measuring spoons of Neocate LCP to the water
  7. Replace the cap on the bottle and shake until the powder has dissolved
  8. Before feeding, ensure that the formula has the correct temperature by placing a few drops on the inside of your wrist

Important other information

What to expect?

When your baby is using Neocate LCP for the first time it might need some time to settle. Below are some general guidelines about what you could expect.

  • Green stools

The colour, consistency and frequency of stools may differ between infants depending on a number of factors; It will depend on whether the baby is breast-fed (and the diet of the mother) or formula-fed (and the type of formula).  If your baby is on an amino acid based formula like Neocate LCP, stools may be greenish in colour and are often relatively dark though not black (black can indicate blood in the stools so always contact the doctor if you see this). This is perfectly normal in babies taking Neocate LCP. It is due to the special composition of Neocate LCP and the way it is digested in the body.
Regardless if you baby drinks breast milk or formula, blood or mucus in the stools is not typical so if you see this, you should contact your doctor.

  • Wind

Initially your baby may have more wind while taking Neocate LCP. This is quite normal and should settle. It is just your baby’s body getting used to digesting Neocate LCP.

  • Increased appetite

Your baby may start taking larger amounts of Neocate LCP once his or her symptoms have resolved. This is to be expected, especially if your child is underweight for its age. Your baby is now able to digest the formula properly and will take extra formula to catch up on their growth. Continue to feed on demand.

If in any doubt, contact your child’s doctor or dietitian for advice.

Important information on preparation:

Powdered infant formula is not sterile. Therefore it should be prepared no more than 15 minutes prior to feeding. Shake or stir formula before use. Do not boil or microwave. Formula remaining in the bottle after feeding should be discarded after one hour.

Other Important Information:

Neocate LCP is a food for special medical purposes and should always be used  under the medical supervision of your healthcare professional.
Suitable for infants under one year of age only.

The quantity of feed should be determined by a healthcare professional only and is dependent on the age, bodyweight and medical condition of the infant.


  • Opened tins of Neocate LCP with the plastic lid securely fastened should be stored in a cool, dry place and used within one month.
  • Sealed, unopened  tins of Neocate LCP should be stored in a cool, dry place and used by the Expiry Date , which can be found on the bottom of each tin (EXP date)


Neocate LCP is available in many different countries and in most of them the product will be identical. A very slightly different formulation and label are used in some countries for regulatory reasons only. Please check with your local Nutricia office for the latest developments in your area.