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Why amino acid-based formulas?

Only amino acid-based formulas are made from 100% non-allergenic amino acids. On top of this, Neocate contains all the essential nutrients you baby needs to grow and develop healthily.

Intact milk proteins and protein fragments, as used in some infant formulas, can cause allergic reactions in sensitive children. Not so amino acid-based formulas (AAF). Neocate is hypoallergenic and made from 100% non-allergenic amino acids, which means that it is not very likely to trigger allergic reactions. Neocate ensures that your child gets all the nutrition it needs when taking the recommended amount. Neocate will taste different than standard infant formulas. This is completely normal. Remember adult taste preferences are different to those of an infant.

In the past, soya formula was the only dietetic product available for feeding infants with cow’s milk allergy. According to the latest guidelines, these kind of formulas should only be used in specified circumstances because they may have nutritional disadvantages for your child. Especially soyamilk or soya protein formulas are not recommended for infants with food allergy during the first 6 months of life. Rice milks, on the other hand, may not contain all the necessary nutrients your baby needs such as protein, calcium, iron, and some vitamins if not adapted.

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