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Neocate for other gastrointestinal conditions

Your doctor may prescribe Neocate though your child does not have CMA, as Neocate can also help in the dietary management of other food allergy related conditions where an elemental diet is recommended.

Neocate’s amino acid-based formulas are used to relieve symptoms of cow’s milk allergy as well as those of multiple food protein intolerance.

The Neocate family of products for infants and children has also been shown to help in the nutritional management of various gastrointestinal disorders including:

The majority of Neocate's productsarenutritionally complete. A formula is considered nutritionally complete when it can be used as a sole source of nutrition because it will supply all important carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals a child needs to grow and thrive, provided it is consumed in adequate amounts.

Nutritional therapy should be under the direction and supervision of your child’s doctor or dietitian.