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Second step - lumpy and chopped foods

As your baby starts eating more and more off a spoon, you can start introducing solid foods into his or her diet.

Once your baby has learned how to take soft food from a spoon, you can start to introduce mashed food with soft lumps to help develop your baby’s chewing skills. As your baby gets older, foods can be mashed, grated or diced. It is important to keep giving your baby different foods, different tastes and different textures. As allergic infants are often on a limited range of solid foods, it is important to make sure the prescribed amount of Neocate is given each day to ensure adequate growth. Adding Neocate to foods can help your baby staying used to the taste of Neocate. This way, your baby will learn not to favour other food in place of Neocate before a balanced diet is tolerated.

At this stage, your child’s doctor might prescribe Neocate LCP or Neocate Nutra. Neocate Nutra allows your child to safely explore new tastes and textures without the fear of an allergic reaction. Being on a restricted diet can sometimes mean that some essential nutrients are left out. Neocate contains essential nutrients for growth and supports development. The amount of formula needed must be discussed with your doctor or dietitian who will assess the nutrition content of your baby’s diet and adjust the amount of formula accordingly.