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First step - thin and smooth foods

The first stage in your baby’s nutritional development should consist of thin and smooth foods. Help your child to explore new tastes and textures.

Your doctor or dietitian should recommend which food to start with, what amount to offer and the order in which to introduce new foods:

  • Start with foods that are smooth in texture, lump-free and mild in taste (e.g. peeled and home cooked potatoes, carrots, pears, or apples) and only offer one new food at a time.
  • Home cooked bland foods are a good way to control all the ingredients used in the food you give your child.
  • Foods can be cooked, mashed and placed in a container in the fridge for the same or the next day. They can also be filled in an ice cube container and frozen. Then, 1-2 cubes can be thawed as required.
  • Mashed foods can be moistened with Neocate or a little bit of milk-free margarine.
  • Avoid flavours, artificial colourings and additives (herbs, spices, stock cubes, salt and pepper) when buying commercially-prepared baby foods. Check with your child’s doctor or dietitian before proceeding with commercially-prepared products and carefully read the ingredients listed on the label.

Neocate LCP is suitable for this age, make sure your child continues to take the prescribed amount. If in doubt, talk to your doctor or dietitian about the right amounts for your baby.