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After the first year of life

From 12 months on, your toddler moves more and more onto family meals! Offer him as wide a range possible of grown up foods as his nutritional needs increase.

Eating as a family encourages your baby to get into good habits from a young age. If your baby is used to eating a milk free variety of the foods the rest of the family eats, although they may need to be cut up a bit smaller, then it is less likely to be a fussy eater as it gets older.

Here are some useful tips to have pleasant family meals:

  • Sit your baby in a highchair at the table and smile and talk to it to make it feel included.
  • Give your baby the same food as the rest of the family, but remember to leave out the salt and, of course, foods containing cow’s milk.
  • Encourage babies and young children to feed themselves with finger foods, and let them decide when they’ve had enough.
  • Don’t worry if feeding your baby is messy! It’s natural for babies to want to touch or play with their food when they’re beginning to feed themselves – it’s all part of learning. A plastic tablecloth, newspapers or an old sheet or towel on the floor will make it easier to clean up afterwards.

Neocate toddler formulas are amino acid-based and are specifically designed to meet the nutrient requirements of food allergic children over the age of one. The Neocate  family of toddler formulas includes Neocate Advance or Active. Check with your doctor or dietitian regarding the right choice for your child.

Cow’s milk allergy, like some other food allergies can be outgrown but it may take years before it is safe to re-introduce a food that your baby initially reacted to. Discuss with your doctor or dietitian if and when it is safe to re-introduce cow’s milk in your child’s diet.